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SOTO Supplements IGF EXTREME 10x

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Gained 15lbs of muscle and cut 20lbs of fat in a month and a half Review by Gainer
I used this and ADT 100 and initially i did not think it was working because i was losing weight. but I stuck with it and at the end of the month and a half time frame i lost 5 lbs of total body weight. but here is the kicker it was almost all fat. my bf% went down by 21lbs and i gained just over 16lbs of muscle. so in the end i weighed less but man talk about a total body transformation. Best thing was no PCT afterwards.. (Posted on 11/6/15)
I owe my life to Soto Labs Review by Mike M
I'm 52 years old , I was in elite 100, fight club and held an active bounty hunter license. I was stabbed and used duct tape as my bandage choice since I was several states from home , a year went by and little did I know the stabbing had mad its way into my liver and gallbladder leaking poison throughout my body , I developed a 105 fever that would go down , I went against my will to emergency room on fourth of July and they said I would not survive the night without surgery and even then at a 105 fever I probably would not survive so they called my family in for goodbyes. They cut me 26inches from kidney to kidney to remove gallbladder and fluid as well as poison. They put several tubes in me and said at least six months recovery, now listen closely because this is the absolute truth , the tubes came out in two days and bandages in three days and stitches and staples in a week with zero bleeding and in two weeks I was hitting the iron weights and running. The doctor told me I was a miracle, MIRACLE????? Not at all it was that I had been taking IGF . the surgeon told me to stay on it , I have since had a body scan and my organ's look like a twenty year old . once u read about IGF and all its age reversing power, u too will believe . I owe my life to Soto Labs. (Posted on 9/23/15)
After 4 years i keep using this one Review by Bob the Plumber
Ok so i ahve tried many, many, many different deer antler supplements and this one is be far the best.. Every few months or so I decide to try som eone elses deer antler product. the last one was from Antler farms and well. this one is the top dog.. I feel it WAYYY more then any other one out there. you guys have a life long buher here. thanks.... (Posted on 9/14/15)
recommend it A++ Review by CAIDEN
its amazing what such a small amount of a product can do. im taking one cap three times a day and feel amazing! would definately recommned this to anybody. (Posted on 3/11/14)
top notch product Review by animal
amazing outcome Review by Jarvis
was looking for an extra boost in my efforts to hit the gym hard and what can i say. ten x was a miracle. amazing recovery and energy. i noticed a huge difference between my gym visits with and without igf ten x. (Posted on 2/14/14)
this stuff is amazing. I am on it for life. 54 year old male. Review by tom
At 54 i have some things that needed attention and broken ribs 8 months ago that would not heal are now free of pain. i bought this stuff for muscle development and all these side benefits are popping up!!!!! (Posted on 7/24/13)
this stuff is for real. Review by tom
are you supposed to drink more water than usual while on 10XIGF1? I have been on for one week and this stuff is for real. (Posted on 7/8/13)
bazzzzinga Review by Clay the tattoo criminal
gotta say this pill makes pleasing all the girls in one night easy. I had issues getting it up after the third or fourth chick i gave the meat stick to in a night, but with soto i just think about it and little claydingo gets rock hard. hell ya! (Posted on 6/20/13)
soto for life Review by Jeff
i been lifting for years struggling to meet my 600 dead lift goal started to wonder if it was gonna happen then i found 10x. now im looking at getting past my goal! (Posted on 6/6/13)

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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