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SOTO Supplements rHGH Spray

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rHGH Spray Black Label 2014 batch

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Quick Overview

SOTO Supplements HGH Spray, 2014 Batch that is no longer in production.
This is the 2014 production of SOTO rHGH spray.  Once it is gone it is gone forever.

 This product does not taste good at all.  It works, but many have described it as tasting like "dirty socks".

SOTO supplements rHGH spray is an oral dietary supplement designed to increase HGH levels in the body though its proprietary formula to enhance athletic performance, magnify supplement stack performance, and make your body perform better in all facets of life.

Human Growth Hormone is essential for the human body to properly function though daily physical activities. The levels of HGH secretion in the body start to decline around the age of 25 and continue to decline throughout our adult life. This decrease in the levels of HGH is what may cause us to look old, have problems like diabetes, depression, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass and every other problem associated with aging.

SOTO Supplements rHGH spray fights this decline in human growth hormone production in the body and is considered by many to be one of the best stand alone and stack able supplement currently in America.

A history of SOTO Supplements rHGH Black Label

  • 2011 Product first launched and quickly became top seller in local retail stores.

  • 2014 Raw material suppliers used a more potent form of material leading to flavor changes which did not taste good at all

  • 2015 rHGH Spray is replaced with rHGH Drops  (stronger product with better flavor) all 2014 rHGH Spray products are no longer in production.

Suggested Use No
Number of Bottles Per Unit: 1
Capsule Count: 0
Amount of Product per Capsule/Tablet N/A
Amount of Liquid per Unit 2fl. oz.
Ingredients Proprieatry
Product Classifications No
Allergen Warning No

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